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Maintenance Policy
Yooning provides a product warranty against defects and /or incorrect materials processing for one year after the shipping date.
Yooning will offer corresponding spare parts for repair to distributors free of charge within warranty period.
Yooning will offer technical guide to support distributors repair instruments.
Warranty Range
This warranty excludes damages resulting from misuse, carelessness or neglect.
Yooning’s liability under this warranty is limited to the receipt of adequate evidence by the customer that defect falls under the warranty conditions.
All claims under this warranty must be submitted to Yooning within one year of delivery of products.
Service Hotline: 19995766114 or 0571-87613616
Any emergency: +86 187 6717 0540 +86 132 7149 0945 +86 155 5895 2890
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Maintenance Policy
Maintenance support:
Well trained, skilled technical person who can offer timely maintenance/technical supports to customers overseas, Yooning can achieve after-sales services:
·Response to feedback within less than 24 hours
·Free-of-charge technical supports
·All repaired devices will be retest before delivery
Customized services available
In case that our existing products can not meet your request, customized products are available.
·OEM faceplates, OEM outer shell with your LOGO, new appearance designs
·Customized programs & specifications
·OEM manual and packages are also available
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