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Yooning Year-End Party 2021
Article Source: Time:01 25,2022

Thanks to all of our employees,

thanks for your hard working in 2021 year,

in this challenging year, Yooning did a good job and moved steps forward with revenue increased by 22%,we are proud to see Yooning brand Instruments 

reached more and more labs.

Yooning Family enjoyed happy time on our year-end celebration on Jan. 21/22, 2022.

Yooing team went skiing, and had a lot of fun, relax well.

Over party dinner, every one got gift, some one was lucky enough to get an Ipad, some one got a Huawei Phone, some one got cooker, some one got heater... 

And our four outstanding employees got rewards of Lucky red-packet.

It's such memorable time, Wish every one in Yooning a happy Chinese New Year !

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